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My Chihuahua (MY with an exclamation mark!) loves me but he LOVES LOVES LOVES my husband.  I feed him and walk him and love him to bits and I know it’s not a contest but why does he love him more than me!  If Ryan and I are in a room Scooter is going to run to Ryan and I cease to exist.  So, do dogs have favorite people and how do they choose them?

  •  Dogs tend to bond with the person who cares for them during the early socialization period. Birth to six months.   In our case Ryan works from home so is available for Scooter any time.  He also works mostly with men so scooter has a preference to males.
  • The person that gives the most attention is also a favorite. Have you ever wondered when certain visitors arrive your dog gets super excited?  Guaranteed that person makes a fuss over your dog whenever they arrive.  Physical affection strengthens the bond.  Ryan is a lot more affectionate than I am!
  • Like attracts Like. Owners and dogs have similar personalities.  Scooter is a lot more energetic than I am need I say more.
  • Positive association. I am the disciplinary!  Ryan is the fun guy and I make the rules.

How to make your dog love you the most!

  • Play fetch, tug, or hide and seek.
  • Have a training session. Work on new skills, or reinforce old ones
  • Try a sport like agility where you and your dog can work together as a team.
  • Food (in healthy, appropriate quantities) is love. Aim for wholesome protein sources with limited fillers, and try some homemade meals. Make eye contact to help with the bonding.
  • Give your dog a grooming session


Looks like I have a bit of work to do to win my puppies LOVE!


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