Why buy from My Pet Box? Personalised Service, 100% Natural Ingredients, Delivered to your door, Convenient, Premium Nutrition

How it works

  1. Make feeding your pet convenient and easy - Select their variety meals once and forget.  Their nutritionally balanced meals will turn up weekly.
  2. We personally pack their meals weekly - we get to know your pooch any changes just text us and we will adjust it accordingly
  3. Easy to skip, cancel or change your subscription 
  4. We are here to help you every day!
  5. REAL FOOD no fillers or preservatives.

Make your order today an you will receive a notification when it is packed and sent with a tracking number so you can see when your Pet Box will arrive.


If you would like to recycle your boxes, woolen insulation or gel packs please email support@mypetbox.co.nz for instructions