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The Raw Diet

Most commercially manufactured food is unhealthy for your precious pet and contain grains, preservatives, fillers and very little meat.  Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of the food you are feeding your best friend?  You will see words that belong in a laboratory.  Today we are aware of the harmful effects of kibble, rolls and canned food and are demanding a more natural product. You can't get more natural than raw meat but we also understand that you need convenience and sometimes raw meat just isnt going to work so we have chosen Black Hawk becasue we love their story!  Real meat, real veggies. No fillers, no nasties. Nothing but the best for our besties.



*ALL our options include - Offal for a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, Meat for energy, protein and minerals and Bones for fibre and cleaning teeth.

Why Feed Raw to Dogs & Cats?

Just a tiny bit of information on feeding raw for the responsible pet owner who wants to optimise their companions health.  Feeding manufactured foods is filling the waiting rooms of veterinarians, creating bad breath and various other illnesses, diseases and allergies ranging far and wide.  There are many pro's and cons to feeding a raw diet you have to try it to believe it.

Poor Coat Condition

Smelly fur and skin is created by yeast which is triggered by a diet high in carbs and sugar.  Your pets should have a shiny coat and not smell.  Tripe may smell bad but it does wonders for your animals coat and although at first your dog may wonder what the heck it is once they taste it they can't get enough of it!

Tooth & Gum Disease

The most common condition in an adult dog or cat is preventable.  Periodontal disease which starts with plaque in the mouth.  This is also caused by a high carb and sugar diet usually found in kibble.  Raw meaty bones do all the teeth cleaning for you.

Candida Yeast

Just like you your dogs gut flora can be out of balance and cause yeast infections.  Antibiotics kill gut flora good flora and bad which gives yeast bacteria all the room to overpopulate your animal.  Foods high in starch, grain and carbs create an environment that candida yeast flourishes in.  A raw diet has a lot of fatty acids and other immune building nutrients to support the gut.

Digestive Complications

Commercial kibble is jam packed with processed low quality proteins, carbohydrates, grains, starches, additives, and preservatives which directly effect gastrointestinal health. The immune system resides 70-80% within the gut and maintaining a healthy gut means a healthier life. Ingredients within kibble irritate the GI and promote inflammation which ultimately creates more health issues.

Liver Complications

The liver is an organ that can heal itself if its not acute or chronic.  There are many causes of liver disease.  Once diagnosed early a diet modification can be a factor in managing the disease.


Over 50% of pets over the age of 10 years are diagnosed with cancer at some point. Cancer is caused by multiple factors including genetics, environmental pesticides, vaccinations, early sex altering, and even the diet. Although the diet alone is not a major factor if a dog or cat will catch cancer, it plays a major role, especially once cancer is officially diagnosed. Commercialized kibble is high in carbs and sugars which directly feeds cancer, giving it the tools to grow and spread.