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Mixed Meat and Biscuit Box,  7 days of food delivered to your door!  Meat, Bones, Biscuits.

Mixed Meat and Biscuit Box, 7 days of food delivered to your door! Meat, Bones, Biscuits.

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Our Most Popular box - It provides the best array of vitamins, minerals and variety for your pooch!  And at the best price!

Variety is the key to a happy well nutritioned pooch.  NZ sourced meat grown and packed in the sunny Hawkes Bay, Bones, Hearts and also biscuits that are free from grains and fillers!  

This box contains enough food to last 7 days.  Raw meat and biscuits.  Chicken,  Beef and Lamb or Beef or a mixture of the 3, plus the box has biscuits (which are either Kangaroo or chicken and they contain no fillers or grains), a bone and a heart. 

The lamb and Beef mixture is a raw dry mixture which contains Extra Protein with all the value of raw but no blood and juice drips!

Full of real food!  All you have to do is put the meat in the fridge when your box arrives and all their meals and nutrition are taken care of for the week until your next box arrives on the door. 

Your meat will arrive frozen in plastic recyclable containers.  You can put it straight into your fridge.   The biscuits will come in a paper bag fully recyclable and you can scoop the biscuits out as you need them.

You either mix the dry and wet and feed twice a day or once a day, whatever you prefer.  You can feed raw in the morning and biscuits at night, whatever way you choose all the food and nutrition is there and ready to be served.